Save the states from crumbling!

Learn the basics of corrosion engineering while immersed in an engaging gameplay experience. Discover ways to save and protect famous U.S cities and structures from corrosion by building and maintaining a virtual infrastructure. Educate yourself on the corrosion menace to help the nation save billions of dollars in lost revenue!

Corrsim II is a virtual, turn-based simulator for individual play that teaches the use of appropriate corrosion prevention and control methods to protect public safety, prevent damage to property and the environment, and save billions of dollars in corrosion costs both in the U.S. and across the globe.

This fully interactive experience uses research-based game development, providing relevant gameplay results based on actual data and statistics while combining basic corrosion protection principles with high quality graphics and animations, in order to create an experience that is both engaging and effective.




Corrosion at Play

Young Eric has just been given a new bike by his uncle. One day, Eric discovers his new bike is beginning to rust. Not only is the sight of rust unattractive but also more seriously, Eric finds out that it poses threat to his safety and health.

Read the full story and join Eric as he learns about the basics of material preparation. Prevent corrosion by interactively applying different coating systems. Be creative in restoring and customizing your items and find out how long you can protect them from corrosion!

Corrosion at Play is an interactive e-book for kids that teaches the basics of corrosion in a fun and easy way. It is designed to maximize retention and enhance learning by utilizing AAA high-quality graphics , interactivity, and a simulation game that will make their experience personal, relevant, and engaging.




Learn the basics of corrosion engineering while enjoying the game.

Build your industrial complex and protect it from corrosion with your choice of combating technologies. Optimize your earnings and use your money to build more structures. Be proactive as some random events can either help you – or undo all your hard work.

CorrSim is a single-player, turn-based, computer simulation intended to teach students the environmental factors that cause corrosion on man-made structures, the consequences on the economy and what can be done to protect the aforementioned structures.




Protocol 424

Do you have what it takes to fight Corrosion? Find out here as you take on Protocol 424; an e-learning game where you will build, repair, and maintain infrastructures within an old R&D base.