Corrconnect is an online resource center for training modules on corrosion: the science behind it, the factors that contribute to it, and the available practices and technologies to combat it.

Each product on CorrConnect combines the capabilities of digital media, prime-quality graphics, interactivity, gaming principles and social networking, in order to engage and stimulate the students and make the learning experience more effective.

Our Products

Training Modules

Watch videos and animations, listen to lectures, and play mini-games to complete our corrosion courses. Take a final exam and receive a certificate of accomplishment for each course you finish.

Interactive Simulations

Manipulate multiple variables and see our simulators output relevant results based on actual data and statistics. Use them to compare different scenarios and help make decisions on corrosion issues.


Read current corrosion-related news from all over the world. Meet and interact with other corrosion students or corrosion professionals in the military and the industry.


People who will find the site useful

Corrosion Professionals in the Military.

Men in the field will find our training modules on inspection and maintenance handy in performing tests as part of their profession. Systems engineers and program managers can use our simulators to aid them in planning and management.

Corrosion Professionals in the Industry.

Developers and manufacturers of corrosion-combating technologies can find instruction on how to introduce their products through the right channels, bid for government projects, and secure good contracts.

Corrosion Students and the General Public.

Our more basic training modules as well as our games on the mobile and the social media platforms will help spread awareness about corrosion, get the youth interested in the subject matter, and encourage them to explore related careers in the future.

People behind the site

The DoD Office of Corrosion Policy and Oversight.

The contents of each module is authored, updated, controlled and vetted by subject matter experts from the CPO or experienced professionals authorized by the same.

The University of Akron.

Education professionals ensure the integrity and effectiveness of each product as an academic tool and a means for information dissemination.

GSG Systems.

People with longstanding experience in designing, developing and deploying internet applications, virtual worlds and simulations, create new modules and enhance old ones, incorporating the capabilities of various digital media to engage the students and make the learning experience more effective.

MVE Systems.

MVE Systems provide game and web development services and engage in full game production and publishing for social networks and mobile platforms.